What Is The Correlation Between Meat and Inflammation?

What Is The Correlation Between Meat and Inflammation?

By the end of 2015, the WHO (World Health Organization) changed its recommendations and reclassified red meat—processed meats in particular—as carcinogenic to humans. This was the first time the WHO had called a food cancer-causing, and since many of us eat red meat and processed meat daily, articles were published everywhere and it became widespread news. This meant that bacon, sausage, and ready-to-eat meatballs are now on the same list of shame as asbestos and tobacco.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, we eat a primarily plant-based diet, but we haven’t given up meat altogether. From our intestinal flora’s perspective, as well as from Professor Stig’s, it ’s perfectly fine to eat up to
33 lb ( 15 kg) of meat per year (about 10.5 oz or 300 g per week).

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The USDA’s Dietary Guidelines recommends that we eat 25–35 oz of meat per week, but this recommendation has faced criticism for not limiting meat intake enough. The Swedish National Food Agency advises that we eat no more than 16 oz of meat per week, and Britain’s Food Standards Agency draws the line lower at no more than 10.5 oz per week. Scientific proof that your general health will be improved by abstaining from eating meat entirely just isn’t in yet. There are many things to take into consideration —what the animals are being fed, how the meat is cooked, how much of it we consume, etc.—but it seems that enjoying meat in limited quantities is
not harmful . In large quantities, however, the meat will give Darth and his army plenty of ammunition.

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In the ideal world, the following applies:

1 Occasionally abstain from eating meat, or cut down on the frequency with which you serve it.

2 When you do eat meat, make sure to choose organic and grass-fed, pasture-raised meat. (Sadly, even some types of games are fed conventional supplemental feed these days.)

3 Do not eat processed meat. It ’s important that the meat you buy be organic and clean, I .e., not processed or prepared ahead.

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And in the real world? By all means, challenge yourself a little. Try to make vegetables the stars on your plate a few times a week. Prepare vegetarian versions of your most frequent meals (if you use the same seasoning, it usually works fine).

Make a lot of soup. Swap the ham and the liver paté on a sandwich with nut butter and avocado. And if you want your children to eat more vegetables, don’t tell them to do it, but lead by example.
After all this, it ’s time to prepare our favorite dip.

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